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The Rotoripper performs a combined process of milling and ploughing. On the surface of the terrain it intervenes with the milling machine uprooting weeds and soil onto the crumbly surface In addition to this it also performs effective ploughing deep down which can loosen soil up to 40 cm. Using Rotoripper makes is possible to eliminate the compact soil which is normally created when using conventional milling machine.

Particularly useful in compact soil that is rich in clay, airs and grinds soil it allows the water to drain preventing landslides. In periods of excessive drought, it makes it possible to retain moisture in the ground to ensure the maintenance of the plant. In addition to the two processes is also possible to apply a tank for to bury manure ensure: allows a considerable saving of time and fuel consumption. Depth of milling machine work adjustable by front rollers from 5 to 20 cm.

Depth of ripper work adjustable individually from 10 to 40 cm.