The special Tool holder head, jointed in both directions, with clutch, makes it possible to maintain the desired angle of the drill in any situation, remaining fixed before the start of the hole. The work is carried out exclusively by the operator of the tractor, reducing labour costs.

Equipped with a hydraulic telescopic arm that allows the movement of the drill tool, without performing any manoeuvre with the tractor. This system makes operation very easy and fast, making the drill stand out due to its greater functionality and adaptability to all types of terrain. The drill is equipped with a three point hitch and mechanical transmission.

A cm 60
B cm 85
C cm 60
D cm 60
E cm 60
F cm 60
  Power consumption: variable depending on the diameter of the tips From 15 to 30 CV
  Kg 180
Accessories available
  twist drill tools between 110 mm to 450 mm diameter
  vine grubber tool